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Amy Kate Farrow

I am a self-starter, motivated to succeed, with a focus on achieving goals. I lead by example, and thrive on challenging myself by giving my best. I have a big picture view, yet I am also able to laser focus on minute details. If a problem arises, I have confidence in my ability to break it down into parts, pragmatically working through it, knowing I can find resources to assist in my endeavors.


Codes: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

Knows: Responsive Development, Joomla, Umbraco, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, SEO, UX Design, Web Standards and Accessibility, Cross-browser Compatibility

Tools: Coda, Visual Studio, Subversion, TFS, Transmit, Chrome Developer Tools, Foundation, Bootstrap, Microsoft Office, iWork, iLife

Adobe: Acrobrat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, After Effects


  • AiMA

    AiMA Preview Image

    Description: AiMA is a dedicated group of new media and interactive marketing professionals focused on providing the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Community a place to network, share, and learn about proven leading-edge interactive strategies and tactics. This site focuses on driving people to their upcoming events.

    Role in Development: I developed the frontend of the site. When setting up the backend, using Umbraco, I made sure that the client could easily create and update event details. I also developed the site to be mobile responsive using Bootstrap.

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    AiMA Preview Image

  • Stearns Law

    Stearns Law Preview Image

    Description: Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor is a family law firm that truly believes in keeping an emphasis on the well being of the clients and their families. This is their mantra and it is emulated in the site. Family-oriented imagery and messaging set the tone.

    Role in Development: This is a Joomla site that utilizes Bootstrap for mobile responsiveness. Since there site is so large, it was important that I kept the backend of the site extremely organized.

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    Stearns Law Preview Image

  • Arnold Masonry

    Arnold Masonry Preview Image

    Description: Arnold Masonry & Landscape is a design and construction service contractor with 29 years of experience beautifying the interiors and outdoor living exteriors of Atlanta’s residences and businesses. The beautiful imagery was key in showcasing this company's extreme skill level.

    Role in Development: I worked with another developer to create this immaculate site, full of large images that needed to load quickly. This site was developed using Umbraco so that the client could easily update the content when necessary.

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    Arnold Masonry Preview Image

  • Antonini & Cohen

    Antonini & Cohen Preview Image

    Description: Antonini & Cohen is dedicated to immigration law matters exclusively, and provides full-service professional legal advice and representation nationwide. It was important that the site be multilingual since the majority of their clients speak Spanish.

    Role in Development: I created this site with Joomla. The site is has both an English and Spanish version, making sure to keep the backend organized so that content can be quickly updated. I also used media queries to make this site mobile responsive.

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    Antonini & Cohen Preview Image


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